Friday, March 6, 2015

Super Junior Donghae & Eunhyuk – Growing Pains lyrics + translation

chagaun i bamgeorido gaseum apeun balgeoreumdo eonjenganeun jinagagetji
michidorog uri saranghaetdeon gieogdeuldo da cheoncheonhi heulleo tteonaeryeoga
sigane mot igyeo ithyeojigetji (ithyeojigetji)

dadhyeobeorin neoui maeumsogeuro chajaga bwado amudo eobneun i bangeseo
imi kkaejyeobeorin uriui moseubeul balgyeonhaeseo apaseo

*geuraedo neoneun namankeum deo apeuji anhgil maeil barae sueobsido
neoneun namankeum gieoghaji anhgil naboda gwaenchanhgil barae (Oh oneul naeildo)

neoro kkwag chatdeon saenggagdeuljocha gwichanhdan deusi nareul mireonae
sigyebaneuldeureul jjocha sigan ttara ttaragada tteonaganeun neoreul balgyeonhae
jigeum naneun neomu geubhae neon dallyeoganeun geubhaeng
Expresscheoreom maeil balgeoreumeul bochae (chueoge gulboghae)
ijen urideureun geujeo nagseo gadeughan nalga beorin gongchaeg

ilheobeorin naui gieog sogeuro chajaga bwado
ijen neol bol suga eobseoseo
imi sarajyeobeorin uriui siganeul balgyeonhaeseo apaseo (neomu apaseo)


One Two Three Four Five (oneuldo naelyeonwa)
ithyeo jinabwa (jal boiji anha)
Five Four Three Two One sigani da dwaetna bwa



This cold night street
These heartbreaking footsteps
Some day, it’ll all pass
Memories of us crazily in love
It will slowly flow down
Forgotten with time

I tried going into your closed heart
But in this empty room
I discovered ourselves already broken
So it hurts

But I hope you aren’t hurting as much as me
I hope for this every day, countlessly
I hope you won’t remember as much as I do
I hope you’re better than me (oh today and tomorrow)

My thoughts that were filled with you
Even those thoughts push me away as if they’re irritated
I chase after the clock hands, chase after time
But there, I discovered you leaving
I’m in a rush and you’re in a hurry to leave
Like an express train, my footsteps are rushed every day
(Surrendered to the memories)
Now we’re like an old and worn notebook filled with scribbles

I tried going into my lost memories
But now I can’t see you
I discovered ourselves already disappeared
So it hurts (it hurts so much)

One Two Three Four Five (I put it all down today)
I guess I’m forgetting (I can’t really see you)
Five Four Three Two One, I think time is up

credits: popgasa