Friday, October 24, 2014

Super Junior - This is Love lyrics + translation

Super Junior - This is Love

Yeah This is love woo~ Come on girl

su baek gaeui daneo su cheon gaeui moseup
bomyeon tto gateun deureodo gateun
cham mohohan gibun eoryeopgodo swiun
sumanheun sarang geu ttokgateun sarang

banjjagineun mulbanguldeul jeoksil deut nal seuchyeoga
modu goman goman biseutan seuchim deul ppun
cheoeumen jom bangsimhaetgo eoneusae saenggakhaji
imi eokkae wireul jeoksineun bitbangulcheoreom

*This is love This is love yeorin baramdo
gil gae pieonan susuhan kkotto
This is love This is love aju jageun ge
sarangieotdaneun geol alge hae jun neo

jinan bomnalbuteo sseoon neowa naui cheot beonjjae iyagi
maeiri Lovely day eoneusae urin jinsim eorin
geoul gateun sai nega joheun iyu?
geulsse.. malhajamyeon urideurui sarangeun Andanteboda manhi ppareun haengbok?
naege sowoni innayo? rago mureumyeon
ojik neorago yeongwonhi haebaragicheoreom meomundago

iri jom deo gakkai wa ane da deureogage
nega heunhan yaegil deutdaga nogeulkka bwa
sarangiran nemo ane jeogeoya hal jeongdapdeureul
geujeo meon goseseo chajatdeon naege neon


**This is love This is love malgeun haneuldo
supyeongseon jeo neomeo saneun taeyangdo
This is love This is love sesang modeun ge
sarangieotdaneun geol gareuchyeo jun neo

myeot chomyeon ichyeojyeo gal
gandanhan saramdeul sok
dareun neoreul ara
jeo byeoldeulcheoreom Love, Love
geudaeroin Love, Love
neowa na, na
dan duriseo

Hold ya. Just wanna hold ya
jom deo gakkai Just wanna hold ya


** Repeat


Yeah This is love woo~ Come on girl

Hundreds of words, thousands of images
I see them and it’s the same, I hear them and it’s the same
It’s a strange feeling, it’s hard and it’s easy
Out of the many loves, it’s the same love

The sparkling drops of water passing by like it’ll wet me but not
That’s how each small and similar encounter felt
At first, I let down my guard and at some point, I thought
You’re like the raindrops that already wet my shoulders

This is love This is love
The gentle wind, the plain flowers bloomed on the street
This is love This is love
You made me realized love is about the small things

Our first story was written starting from last spring
Every day is a lovely day, now our relationship is like an honest mirror
The reason I like you?
Well, to explain it, our love is a happiness that is faster than andante
If they ask if I have a wish
I’ll say it’s only you
I’ll stay with you forever like a sunflower

Come a little closer so I can go completely inside
In case you melt away at the common stories
I need to write down the answers in the square called love
You came to me from far away

This is love This is love
The clear sky, the sun over the horizon
This is love This is love
You taught me that everything in the world is love

Out of the plain people who will be forgotten in a matter of seconds
I know you’re different
Like the stars, love love
Just the way it is, love love
You and me
Just us two

Hold ya. Just wanna hold ya
A little closer Just wanna hold ya