Sunday, August 31, 2014

Just a little announcement!

There are lyrics requested that has been sent to me via jimdo page. I got all of them and there are times I send them an email. Most of them are already posted or translations granted. Some are disregard because there's no kanji/romanization lyrics only the title or video link. With this video link sent, what I'm going to do with that, watch it? Well, I'm not 24/7 online because I'm currently working. You know what I mean, a professional. This is just a past time to me to get rid of daily harsh work. So please bare with me.

If you want to request. Go >> HERE and fill in the form.  

Translated lyrics are posted >>> HERE

You can also contact me via jimdo page. Just fill in the correct email add and I'll reply to your email.

Thank you!

- makikawaii