Thursday, December 12, 2013

Kim Junsu (XIA of JYJ) with LYn – Brushing Past (스치다) lyrics + translation


gaya haneunde eoseo
yeogil beoseonaya haneunde
bari tteoreojiji anha
jeoineun nugulkka jigeum i neukkimeun mwoji

gaya haneunde eoseo
jogeumman deo jogeumman deo deutgoman sipeojyeo
dageuphan nae balgeoreum meomchwo seun
i mellodineun mwolkka

umjigil su eobseo mwoji
nae nunape itdeon jeo saram
seolmyeong hal su eomneun imam
sumeul swil su eomne jigeum nae gaseumeun mwoji

cheoeum bon sarami aniya
nae georeum nae son hanado umjigil su eobseo
aju jamsirado meomchundamyeon
mutgo sipeunde jeongmal

nulleo sseun moja geu araero
nareul bone babogachi wae chyeodaman bonyago
na eotteon sesangui mallo bureul su isseulkka
dangsineun anyago (dangsineun anyago)
jigeum nae i gibun (i gibun)
i sigan


i mimyohan tteollim


I need to hurry and go
I need to escape this place
But my feet won’t move
Who is that? What is this feeling right now?

I need to hurry and go
But I want to listen a little more, a little more
It stops my impatient footsteps
What is this melody?

I can’t move, what is this?
That person standing in front of me
I can’t explain these feelings
I can’t breathe, what is my heart right now?

I’ve seen this person before
My feet, my hands, I can’t move anything
If that person would stop for a moment
I want to really ask

From underneath your hat, you are looking at me
Why are you only looking like a fool?
What kind of words of the world can I use to call you?
Do you know? (Do you know)
How I feel right now? (this feeling)
This time

This strange trembling