Thursday, November 7, 2013

miss A – Hide & Sick lyrics + translation

niga wae ibyeoreul mal hae
deo eoi eomneun geon nainde
amu il eopdeon cheok hamyeon mwol hae
kkeutkkaji ige mwoya jeongmal namjadapji motage

ppeonppeonhan ni pyojeongdeuri
maldo motae ansseureowo

"He is a player" ra hagido mwohan shh….
ohiryeo neon my savior
niga kkeutnaejun jigyeoun Hide & Seek
neol namjachingura mideotdeon naega sirheo
huhoehage mandeureojulge geureoke haejulge Just go away

Give me the beat
modu ijeojulge tonight
Give me the beat
jigeumbuteo nae mam reset

I just pretend

niga mwora haedo ijen
malgachi deullijiga anha
han sungane kkaejyeobeorin nae mideoon sarangdo amureon miryeoni eobseo

ppeonppeonhan ni pinggyedeuri
maldo motae ansseureowo

Stop with excuses
yongseohal ireun eobseo amuri noryeokhaebwado
imi down to low mitbadageuro

Broken to pieces
dasin buchil su eobseo
anirago malhagetjiman
geureon neoui lie dwaesseo you know why

neon naman baraboneun cheok gwaenhi bappeun cheok
daeche eonjejeok “you drive me crazy, make me crazy”
daesaman neureonwatji
ijen naega cheok jom haebolge eopdeon ilcheoreom jiwojulge
neol moreudeon geuttaecheoreom dasi pretend

I wanna know what's on your mind oh baby
neowa nae modeun geon pretend yeotdaneungeol arasseo the end


Why are you breaking up with me?
When I’m the one who is more appalled
What’s the use of pretending that nothing happened?
Why are you doing this till the end, you’re really not being a man

Your brazen face
I can’t even say it, it’s so sad

I can’t even say, he’s a player
Actually, you’re my savior
You ended this tiring game of hide and seek
I hate myself for believing you were my boyfriend
I’ll make you regret this, just go away

Give me the beat
I’ll forget you tonight
Give me the beat
From now on, my heart has reset

I just pretend

No matter what you say
I won’t hear it
I’m over the love that I believed in, that broke in just one moment

Your brazen excuses
I can’t even say it, it’s so sad

Stop with excuses
There’s nothing to forgive, no matter how hard you try
You’re already down to low, to the very bottom

Broken to pieces
It can’t be put back together
You may say that’s not true
But I’m through with your lies, you know why

You pretend to only look at me, pretend to be busy
Saying the outdated lines like “you drive me crazy, make me crazy”
I’ll try pretending for once, I’ll erase you like nothing happened
I’ll pretend that I’m back to the days when I didn’t know you

I wanna know what’s on your mind oh baby
I realized that everything about us was pretend
The end