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Sunday, May 19, 2013

Yong Jun Hyung (BEAST), BTOB, Ha Yeon Joo – Past Days Monstar OST lyric + translation

 jinan yeshil modu gippeumira-go hamyeonseodo
apeun giyeok chaja heme-ineunkeon waehil-kka
gaseum gipi nameun geon ttae-neujeun huhweh
deoseom-neun-deut sseun useumeuro chinaon naldeu-reul do-rabone

yejeon-cheoreom do-rigil-sun eopt-da-go hamyeonseodo
muntteungmuntteuk heumuthame jeonneunkeon waehil-kka

do-rigil su eom-neunkeo ara chinan nal
sonheundeu-reo bonaet-jiman nan da-gawah
keuddaen himdeu-reot-jiman china-go nanikka useul su it-deora byeol-keo aninke dwehdeora

annyeongmoduya oneuldo annyeong-hani
nun gameumyeon chajaoneun eodu-un bami
Today himidweh areumdawot-janha Back in the day

keudaero keu nareumdaero yimi-ga isseo
sesangsaram yaegiha-deushi yes chu-eo-giran areumda-un geot

tashi mot ol chinan na-reul nan kkumim eobshi yeongwonhi kanjikhari
keuri-umeul kadeuk aneun chae kabeorin chinan nal
i-jji mothal keu chu-eok so-ge nan urideulye miraereul bichobori
haruharu deouk saeroub-ge keudaewah naye chinan nal


Though I say that everything in the past was good
Why do I keep looking for painful memories?
The only thing remaining deep in my heart is a regret that is too late
With a bitter smile, I look back at my days

Though I say I can’t ever go back to the past
Why do I suddenly get satisfied at times?

I know I can’t go back to the past
So I waved my hand goodbye but it approaches me
It was hard back then but after it passed
I was able to smile, it was nothing

Hello everyone, again today, hello
When I close my eyes, the dark night comes
Today gives me strength, it was beautiful back in the day

That in itself has it’s own meaning
Just like how people of the world say, memories are beautiful

I will forever cherish the past days without show
The past has gone as it holds the longing
With the unforgettable memories, I will shine on our future
Day by day, make it new, you and I and our past days